To meet Terry Gilliam!!!

there are times when words have no real
value...just the deed that one has to do
...and the things that just need
 to happen..

...when I saw his reaction to this I went completely bonkers ..
I forgot to wish him..but here it is:

A long lasting heath and success in every step along the way, Terry Gilliam! From fighting wooden swords to making great cinema......



His name is Didymus...but we call him Dido...
One day he found our door and it was a love from first sight..It is been 18 years since then... he is now 19 years old or maybe more.
....last month he got very sick.......

...See you on the other side buddy...You are the loveliest creature I know......
1996-97 - 12.02.2016


Bowie is gone into space..

I can't believe what's happened last 4 days..
on 07 Black star came out
om 08 He turned 69
..11.01. left the planet..
He was and personal superhero!
Now he is everywhere..
So long dear alien

28.12.2015 г.

Happy, happy, happy, happy!

PNR Festival-festival for young directors

are interested to see my other short.. "Bowie in Pieces"so..very soon will be screened at Cineteca Madrid!!


25.10.2015 г

Благодаря! на фестивала Cine de Madrid -PNR
за топлото посрещане и
внимание. Зала пълна с деца и по малко родители, ...зареждаща еуфория,
радостни възклицания и поздравления ... Драконягата беше приет повече от
 радушно.... мн приятна селекция от филми (за деца)..и не на последно
място..запознанство което ще помня дълго...малката Ева, която сподели
пред всички,че ме познава още от бебе. ...край на съобщението!

Thank you Festival de Cine de Madrid -PNR
for the warm welcome and
attention! Hall full of children and a fewer parents ... loading
euphoria, joyfull  exclamations and congratulations ... my dragon was
more than welcome .... very nice selection of movies (for children) ..
and last but not least .. this will remember for long ... little Eva,
who told everyone that she knows me since she was baby. ... end of the


Festival Balkanima!

My short film was selected to be screened in Panorama Program!
Sped best four days in Balkanima festival in Belgrade!

Thank you guys! Hope to see ya догодина :)

OneShortStory Trailer 



My film "One Short Story"...

It is kind a officially final..

It is kind a final..
I'm afraid to say it but...all things (good and bad) must come to a end at som point..And Yes..that day is here!!!
It was sleepless
thug kind a experience
It was hell
it was agony
it was PFM
(pure fucking magic) for me .. see this bugger come to live... as he is now...
Hope he will accomplish great things in life and will meet amazing creatures on his journey..
and if not..he's a great dragon anyways
Bye my lovely fellow dragon..
Was pleasure meeting you!
Now go and kick som asses

Here is it...our new baby on Steam
 Check it out!


Here it is! I'm proud to present the
first poster for my first (and last) 3D short..
drawing for the poster made by the master-handed
 and the concept is mine..
My one and only private Golgotha
or in other words
OneShortStory about a tiny dragon!
Stay tuned - he is coming!

And I'm First on the second day :V
And I'm starting First on the second day :V


Videoholica selected my film  Bowie in pieces..YEEEEaaaa...Packing up and...I'll see ya there!
Long Live Videoholica!!

Look what I'v got 4 my birthday!

A supa-dupa cool Copic markers and a ultra-mega Fchmincke water colors!!!
I couldn't ask 4 more.....
Thank You for the best eve yo!!
luv ya


Made a flayer 4 a friend's event!
More info


“Space 0 Space” 

  HR-Stamenov, Center for Contemporary Art and City Gallery of Fine Arts - Plovdiv presents; Space 0 Space from on Vimeo.


Национална художествена галерия

At the 35th International Museums Day, in the Regional History Museum – Plovdiv
18-31 May 2012
Camera and editing made by me

and HERE

"Ghost train"

In the past two months the missing train known as "Ghost train" was spotted again in Savona-Italy, Celje-Slovenia..and..
More info HERE

"The phenomenon of W24° 5859,43 N42° 0755,29"

The Ghost Train is a production  of DiEtRoLeQuInTe

Installation - HR - Stamenov
Camera - Barbara Domuschieva 
Edit - Stefano De Felici.
In here - details on the Ghost Train Project.
He  is still on the run..

За шести пореден път в Пловдив ще се проведе вече традиционната Нощ на музеите и галериите. Тази година програмата е организирана в две вечери - 24 и 25 септември (петък и събота), а събитията започват в 19:00 ч. и приключват в 1:00 след полунощ.
Жителите и гостите на Пловдив ще могат да избират между три основни програми: Музеи и галерии (на 24 септември), Култ. и клуб (на 25 септември) - с участието на културни институти, книжарници, неформални арт пространства и клубове, и Събития в градска среда (24 и 25 септември). И трите програми са едновременно сериозни и забавни, образователни и любопитни. На 25-и септември ще се проведе и Малката Нощ - с програма за най-малките (11.00 - 19.00 ч.).
В последните няколко години Нощта на музеите и галериите в Пловдив се превърна в едно от най-мащабните културни събития в България. Следвайки световната традиция, пловдивската Нощ активира местната артистична общност и провокира галеристи, музейни директори и артисти да представят работата си по най-интересния и атрактивен начин. В програмата са включени специално организирани изложби, програми за възрастни и деца, интерактивни пърформанси, срещи с художници, живи градски случки, концерти, прожекции и уъркшопове в достъпен за широката публика формат.

Greetings from Amsterdam Netherlands...
          ..or maybe Wonderland :)))

Those are made from Madame Tussaud museum
and some more from the streets on Palm Sunday.
here is more

A n a  S a l a s a r
i n
C  A  R  M  E  N

My Mojito


Yesterday I "dismissed" my hair...
and I was told that it's badly to keep it in that,
but to burned and spried the ashesh someplace nice..........


A non smoker...
Modest ..
With good manners..
Would like to meet..
some girls....

Name is Didimus
Residence: Sofiq

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