Animations for game


Pirate animation


And animation demo reel is ready..
In here are my two animation short films:
A short story of life (03'20") - CG
Bowie in pieces (02'42") - pixilation\mixed technique
and game projects I've worked in past three years:
Imperivm: Civitas III, Tropico 3, The First Templar, Pirates of the Black Cove 
Here it is..

Animation Demo Reel 2012 from Barbara Domuschieva on Vimeo.

 his is a tribute to David Bowie, a short teaser clip from
my pixilation project titled "Bowie In Pieces"


Animation test

This is scene from my drawing film with working title Elevator..
Currently this is turned out to be test..cause' I haven't done it in years...
and not enough practice (with anything) gives not very good result
I consider this as a warm up :)))

A short story of life-film
                    Sneak-a-peek!..Just finalizing and polishing the animation for the first scene...


Another wip from my 3D film..

here is my first steps in 3D world..
I did a logo, which is fun :)))
I wonted to look like a logo of a big production movie company :)

SQUARE is my first film.I made during college in second term.
It's not the original format, but that's all I have with
It's called Square..enjoy :)

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