Live Painting Sessions - Environment Design Day at +Това in Sofia Bulgaria
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At the 35th International Museums Day, in the Regional History Museum – Plovdiv
18-31 May 2012
Camera and editing made by me


А visual tribute to Mr. Bowie, pixilation footage, various videos, pictures of him with which I did large mess. this is what came out..
Visual1 from Basha Domuschieva on Vimeo.

FieSta-behind the scenes..


Bowie in pieces from BashaDo on Vimeo.

This is a tribute to David Bowie, a short teaser clip from my pixilation project titled Bowie In Pieces, with which I participated at the Night of Museums and Galleries - Plovdiv -Bulgaria.
Because of the terms and conditions of all festivals, this part does not participate in the original footage.


Ana caled this part of Carmen, " my favorite part of carmen,
which i can never dance good enough" :)
Whell it's good enougf for me...and all the show!
The only thing I have to reproof is my performence with the camera :))))
So anyway...It's defenetly a piece you have to see :)

 The first phenomenon of 
W24° 58'59,43” N42° 07'55,29”01

This project is traveling around Italy and hopefully soon, other parts of the world ..
The video was made in Milano - shot, directed and edited by HR-Stamenov and Stefano De Felici..The train itself is my deed..


This is something that I'm still working on..
Influenced by the music ( Juno Reactor) and Sofia streets at night..
This video will associates with project "Ghost train"-Hr-Stamenov


So this is some of my first tests with my new camera..Canon camcoder XM2, 4.2 mm - 84 mm focal lenght.. Made some tests in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 - just added some motion blur and rescale time. It was big fun to look at that particular fish, so I just made her a star... :) Have fun!!