25.10.2017 г.

White Rhino

The Rhino family walk the earth for 50 000 000yrs. Rhinohorn are used in som countries because they think they have some kind of a value, but its no value whatsoever..it is almost hair and fingernails compressed together very tightly..15 years ago the rhino horn worth a 32$ for kilogram....today is 108000 a kg. Today they are close to be extinct species.. 


3.08.2017 г.

Animations I've recently workd on..

Here are two animations I did for project "Margaritka"-(Daisy) Favorite songs from my childhood..but now rewritten and performed by young artists..
The first story is about how important is to eat your veggies when you are young..And in fact if you don't eat them you wont become healthy and strong! :)))
So...first of all - eat your Veggies!
The second story is about a girl who receive a special gift-book from her mom...She likes to reed it so much that she even prefers to stay at home but not to go out and play!
...Read a book fellas! :)
P.s. Did the song part animations and camera! Textures, materials set ups and rendering made by friends from Le Chien Graphique Ltd.


When you don't eat your Vegetables...

                                                  Mom bought me a book today!