19.04.2016 г.


It's not a very detailed working process....got carried away making it...n forgot to take pictures during the process...anyway. I made this fellow Whale for a friend
..kinda miss him..

19.03.2016 г.

To meet Mr. Gilliam!!!

there are times when words have no real value...just the deed that one has to do
...and the things that just need to happen..








when I saw his reaction to this I went completely bonkers ..I forgot to wish him..but here it is:
A long lasting heath and success in every step along the way, Terry Gilliam! From fighting wooden swords to making great cinema......

10.02.2016 г.

Lovely bones

His name is Didymus...but we call him Dido...
One day he found our door and it was a love from first sight..It is been 18 years since then... he is now 19 years old or maybe more.
....last month he got very sick.......

...See you on the other side buddy...You are the loveliest creature I know......
1996-97 - 12.02.2016

12.01.2016 г.

Bowie gone into space..

I can't believe what's happened last 4 days..
on 07 Black star
on 08 turned 69
..10.01. left the planet..
and now he is everywhere..
He was and is my personal superhero!
So long dearest alien